A little about

The Music Room

The Music Room is a place where people recieve tuition in all instruments and we facilitate performances for all ages and all stages and co-ordinate festivals such as Maidens of Music and The Wee Burns Supper.  We create new things such as our show - Around the Globe in Song, and our all female band Kinky Boots.

At present the Music Room is simply a room - a fresh, lovely, smart room at that.  It is in the middle of Dumfries Town Centre, opens out onto a Courtyard, straight in off the street, easy access with a nice wide door. We also have 2000 square feet of space to develop. 


Our vision is that the building becomes a centre for the performing arts -  within 5 years.  Currently we are raising funds for urgent, major repairs to our roof and exterior.  And then the real fun begins....


With our vision in mind we are keen to welcome interest from businesses and individuals who may wish to rent space from us in the future. Contact us -  If you are in the business of dance, theatre, photography, videography, sound recording, music, drama or anything related to the performing and creative arts.  Also, you must have a desire to volunteer, to collaborate with others in the building to provide opportunities paid and unpaid for service users of the building and to work with us to facilitate amazing free opportunities to inspire, nurture, encourage and empower our community.  Young and old alike, any age and any stage.

The Music Room Founder

Carol Brotherston

"I love nothing better than encouraging people and helping them on their journey. Through The Music Room I can do that by teaching them to play piano or by helping them build vocal confidence.  I can also do that by allowing other Teachers, Motivators and Inspirational People to use The Music Room for the same purpose.  It makes me very happy and excited to think of all the people who could be nurtured, built up and let loose from this little room in the centre of town"


The Music Room was a well known Bakery in the not so distant past.  It belongs to the family of RJ Brotherston and Sons Bakers.




The Music Room Foundation


Our building, 2000 square feet in all has been gifted to us.  We are planning to create The Music Room Foudation which will have its own money to provide free and subsidised lessons and training in the performing and creative arts.  

We want to be able to do this as we realise that not every family is able to pay for private music tuition, dance drama or other forms of performing and creative arts.  Often to truly excel 1:1 tuition is an absolute must.

For example "The Music Room" tutors are passionate about music.  We can't imagine not having received the tuition and opportunities that made us into the musicians we are.  Through the Music Room Foundation we think we can reach out to young people of Dumfries who may never receive the chance to learn an instrument.


Funding the foundation; The foundation will have income from sub letting the building.  Plus we are raising funds through the various events we host, but we are also looking for external funding and we are keen to welcome patrons on board. 

Our vision for the future

We welcome interest from new Tutors and Teachers...


The Music Room is on a journey of expansion... we have around 2000 square feet to develop and whilst we are only able to use a small part of the building at the moment, our plans are exciting.  You can view our artists impression of the future ground floor - here.  


We are in the process of becoming a registered organisation and hope in the not too distant future to have a second Music Room available for private teaching. 


We are keen especially to hear from teachers who could compliment our 1:1 instrument/lesson portfolio.  We are also keen to hear fromTutors and Teachers who wish to develop new and innovative group programmes.  At present there is scope for this as most of our current usage is for 1:1 lessons and between the hours of 3pm and 9pm.     


The Music Room is mostly unused Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.... if you have an idea for using this room and you would like to explore it with us, please do get in touch.

Have you got musical instruments at home gathering dust...?


Would you consider donating them to The Music Room? 


The cost of purchasing an instrument can make the difference between one person taking up lessons and another not being able to. 


If you have an instrument at home, regardless of what it is.... we would love to rehome it for you and give somebody a chance they might well not otherwise get.