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Around the Globe in Song

A 2 hour comedy musical show we have written ourselves.  Featuring Diane MacLean (singer and star of Le Haggis 2014 and 2015), Kirsty Moss (stand up comedienne), Jayne Murdoch (singer signed to Smart Indie Records) and Carol Brotherston (owner of The Music Room).  Let the girls entertain you as the  crew of Air Farce 1. They will take you on a hilarious yet occasionally poignant journey on their aeroplane visiting 18 countries, singing over 40 well known songs in their own unique style.   See you tube or face book for video clips and photographs of the show.  Click here for a clip of Air Farce 1 performing the Germany section of the show             Click here for a clip of Air Farce 1 the opening sequence of the show - the "on board safety talk"

This show can be booked for a small fee to cover set costs.  Tickets retail at this show for £10 and we take a percentage of ticket sales as our fee.  The more tickets sold the more money the venue can make. Showings coming up: The Globe Inn 7th October.


From private individual and group sessions and lessons in The Music Room, to live lounge performances, dance, comedy, theatre, poetry and everything in between, we will find the way to bring the love of music and the the creative arts into your life......

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