Maidens of Music Festival - A celebration of female musicians
A festival for female musicians. Plus one or 2 men. "Maidens" intends to make a stage for all ages and all stages, local artists plus those from further afield. Maidens intends to celebrate and enjoy musicians who are accomplished and experienced, nurture and encourage those just starting out and inspire women (and men) in the audience who might give it a go next time.  Maidens of Music is a mobile festival, it could pop up in a town near you.  The next Maidens event is in Lockerbie, Saturday 21st September  Tickets are on sale online now.  Click here to have a look at Maidens of Music web page

The Music Room presents our own: 

Shows, festivals, bands, events and much much more ....

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belly dance
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From private individual and group sessions and lessons in The Music Room, to live lounge performances, dance, comedy, theatre, poetry and everything in between, we will find the way to bring the love of music and the the creative arts into your life......

Contact us:      Mob: 07581067056

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