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Live Lounges, 30th July, 6th and 20th August - want to join in?

Regardless of your age or stage this is your chance to perform. A small, friendly, inspiring and special place where you will be welcomed and enjoyed. We started the live lounges last year and have hosted about 50 musicians so far. The biggest audience has been about 25 people and the smallest was just 2 or 3. Each live lounge is different but amazing in it's own way. If your thing is Music, Poetry, Comedy, Drama or Dance and you would like to take a turn, get in touch :-)

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From private individual and group sessions and lessons in The Music Room, to live lounge performances, dance, comedy, theatre, poetry and everything in between, we will find the way to bring the love of music and the the creative arts into your life......

Contact us:      Mob: 07581067056

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