• carolbrotherston

Pledges of support come flooding in

Some of the funds raised next year at the Music 4 Meningitis event will be donated to The Music Room. Chris Marsh, the organiser of M4M has been running the event for 4 years and has a number of high profile musicians lining up for the gig next year.

Our crowd fund has reached £180 so far and we urge you to spare just £1 each to help us fund essential roof repairs. Click here to donate.

We have received pledges from a couple of local bands who will be holding fundraisers for us too.

Our building is 2000 square feet, town centre, prime site for our vision of a centre for the performing arts. We are a not for profit organisation and our intention is to create a fund to ensure that nobody in D and G would miss their vocation in the performing arts due to parents not being able to afford lessons.

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