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For the LOVE of Music - CoronaVision Song Contest

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

The Corona Vision Song Contest is our idea of a bit of fun in the dark times that have descended.  Spreading some light, fun and love across the globe, hoping to interact with fellow musicians and creative friends.  The Music Room Project and the NHS will be the beneficiaries of the donation money. The people who join forces to support, judge and make this competition a success will enjoy community spirit, fun and laughter.  Those who enter the competition will hopefully receive accolades, publicity and encouragement and for those who win each category - some cash!   The Music Room Project once complete will be the realisation of our dream.  Our vision is to make music and creative arts tuition available to all (regardless of whether lessons can be paid for, or not).  Help us to help the next generation of musicians to fulfil their dreams. Click here to enter the competition. £2 for each category.

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